Wilson Trophy

14 Feb 2019

2019 Accepted Teams Announced

Due to the large interest in this year’s 70th anniversary event, the OA is pleased to announce that the maximum number of teams has been increased to 36. The 2019 event will feature 5 American teams, 2 Irish, 1 Australian and making their debut appearance Team Austria. Rounding out the field will be 27 British teams, including defending champions, the West Kirby Hawks. Recent winners also returning are West Exempt, Royal Forth Hoosiers, and Birdham Bandits.

2019 Accepted Teams 

 Back in Black  Paddington Bears
 Birdham Bandits  Ocean Drive Boat Cruise (USA)
 Bristol Barracuda  Royal Cork Yacht Club (IRL)
 Cambridge Black  Royal Forth Hoosiers
 Cambridge Blue  Royal Northern & Clyde Yacht Club
 College of Charleston Yacht Club (USA)  Royal Thames Blue
 Days of Thunder (USA)  Royal Thames Red
 Down Under (AUS)  Rutland Raiders
 East Coast Drifters (USA)  Screaming Eagles (USA)
 Edinburgh Export  SMVC
 Exeter Black  Society
 Exeter Blue  Society Exodus
 George Knights (IRL)  Spinnaker Exiles
 Hilbre Highlanders  Team Austria (AUT)
 Magdalen College School  Tynemouth Sailing Club – ‘Tarquin’s Angels’
 Manchester University  Wessex Exempt
 Oxford Team Racing Academy  West Kirby Hawks
 Oxford University Yacht Club Exiles  West Kirby Sailing Club